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Can We Send Silly Back to the Silly Season?

An Opinion

July 24, 2008

By Brian Watkins
Brian Watkins

When I was in elementary school, I would get off the bus in the afternoon and I would usually find my mother taking her daily break from being mom and relaxing for a bit by catching an episode of Another World. For those who don’t recall or were never exposed to it, it was a soap opera on NBC. I would see a bit of it here and there when I’d get home, usually the last half of the show. When it was over mom would go back to her mom duties and I would run off and play. I caught enough of it over the years to have half an idea what was going on.

In high school, I remember turning on the TV to find the same soap on. Even thought it had been years, the characters and the plot lines seemed to all be he same. While it was interesting for a moment to be taken back to my younger years, I quickly turned the channel; I didn’t care to watch a soap opera when there were more exciting and interesting things to worry about.

I feel the same way today.

Tony Stewart will be going for his third win at the Brickyard this weekend, but a good portion of the questions at Tuesday’s press conference related to his move to Stewart-Haas next season.

Last season it was all about Junior leaving or not leaving DEI, where he may or may not be heading, who his sponsors may or may not be, what number will adorn the roof of his car.

Mixed in amongst those two stories are other shake-ups and sponsor changes, lost rides and teams for sale (or not).

I know that in one way or another, the Silly Season has been creeping into the regular season more and more, but it has now gotten so bad that we can’t even get to the middle of the current season before the news is dominated by what will be going on next season.

I’m sure it’s too much to ask that drivers, owners and sponsors keep their big announcements under wraps until the majority of the season is over. Moreover, even if they tried, someone somewhere would be “an inside source, speaking on the condition of anonymity…” and spill the beans. Sometimes the bean can be upended even without an anonymous source- take the Gibbs move to Toyota for example. It was barely a rumor last season and then Kyle Busch lets it fly in the garage.

I don’t begrudge drivers for having to do what they need to do for their careers, or owners or sponsors doing what they need to do as well. It would just be nice if it wouldn’t take away from the current season.

I think part of the issue is that when one big announcement comes out, it starts a chain reaction of speculation and rumors, which are probably more distracting than the facts.

Stewart is leaving Gibbs- does that mean Logano is moving into the 20 seat? Is he ready for that? Will he go on and have a storied career or face adversity and disappointment like Atwood? Now that Newman is leaving Penske, is he going to Stewart-Haas? With Mark Martin and Junior now at Hendrick will Truex be the next to jump ship? If that happens, will DEI be sold or fold?

There now seems to be more speculation in the stands and the garage than in the oil market.

I hope it slows down soon, or we’ll be talking about the 2010 season before we even get to Homestead.. oh wait, with talk of Kentucky Speedway getting a race in’10, we’re already there…

Anyone have any news about 2011?

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